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The life of a poor college student

31 July 1986
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I am 21 years old currently going to school in Sioux City, IA. I am studying to become an elementary teacher. I absolutely love Queer as folk. My favorite actors are Gale Harold, and Hayden Christiansen. I have 1 brother and 1 sister both younger than I am. I like Star Wars, mean I really didn't get into it that much until I saw the first Episode and then I was hooked, I just love the action in it.

I am a strong Catholic girl who has many beliefs, but I HATE the way we Catholics are hateful of so many things when we are supposed to be the ones who are loving and caring to other people, it's really stupid. Mean I am Catholic, I have gay friends and who cares if I do, mean I just see homosexuals as being people and they shouldn't be discriminated against, they are people with feelings too and the deserve respect just as much as straight people do, mean they are still the same the only difference in life is that who they go to bed with or who they date.

I have a lot of friends here in college and on the internet, I am a computer nerd, can't live without a computer in front of me. I love to meet new people and just getting to know different people as well. It's fun and I have met some and talked to some very cool people (you know who you are)!!!! I have met many actors as well, so far I have met Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood (Whose line is it anyway), and my top second person who I have always wanted to meet HAL SPARKS (Michael from Queer as folk, Zoltan from Dude, Where's my car, and the I love the.....(decade shows), he is a really funny guy, and I have also met RANDY HARRISON!!! I went and saw him in his play of THE GLASS MENAGERIE and I LOVED IT. Well, this is me!!!

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